‘M’ is for Multipurpose

When exploring the concept of “style”, you  have to ask yourself which type speaks to your creativity? Is it the luminous captivation of white walls with bold, fresh colours in the minor details? Or is it the rustic character of bleached woods, black metals, and fresh cut flowers that bring a bit of the outdoors in? My advice to finding a style of your own is to look at examples of spaces in magazines or online and jot down, sketch, or even photoshop (for the tech savvy) every style’s best feature. When you have enough details to put together your perfect space it should lead you to your personal style. Keep in mind, what you come up with may not be as cookie cutter as the books or magazines suggest. However, it has always been the confidence in the artistic expression of a room that makes it a trend. For everyday living, the only person who really has to appreciate your space is you. Make sure it will also function the way you envision yourself using it. When considering the typical house, I believe that the formal living room is sometimes prone to lack of function. A room designated strictly for “formal” visitors tends to lose it’s creative appeal, and let’s be truthful and ask ourselves how many of those visits do we have in a month? Lol. With square footage being a hot commodity in real estate these days, we can no longer designate a whole room to a hope that our formal guests will have exclusive seating whenever they decide to visit! Instead, consider your lifestyle and use that space to house that hobby so that the space could be multipurpose. For example, if you are an avid reader, consider making that space a traditional library with some classic finishes such as gleaming cherry wood bookcases, and  a wood burning fireplace. It would become the room where you could escape to your favourite novel and a warm cup of tea, or entertain a friend or two after dessert. Consider the possibilities of your style and start taking notes. Be it small or large, costly or inexpensive, you are capable of taking ordinary and making it extraordinary!

Here are a few examples of my favourite multipurpose spaces from one of my favourite designers, Candice Olson:

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