New Year’s Resolutions

new years

Whether it be to lose weight or to save money, a new year’s resolution should reflect the long-term goals that you want to achieve. For me, I firmly believe in resolutions because they push us to discover more about ourselves, and what we are capable of doing. Realizing your potential is important, but you must also be realistic with your goals. So often, people seek to take drastic measures to achieve their goals, but fall apart early on in the journey. The climb is steady, one foot in front of the other, never to look back. It is a pressing forward, in spite of how steep the odds, making consistent progress to the top.

Face it, it took a very long time to gain all of that weight, or develop that smoking habit. You should expect that these goals take time to conquer, leaving space to fall and get right back up again. If you don’t plan to fall, then you are truly setting yourself up for failure. Part of the reason why we develop these habits is because of the consistency of our mistakes. You can bet that the possibility of making mistakes will always be there, but always plan for quick clean-ups! The faster you move through them and get back on track, the quicker you will reach your goals.

Like you, I have a few goals of my own this year. It will be exciting to see the progress, but I also realize it will take time. Let’s remember to have patience and accept that beautiful gardens take time to bloom. Steady work also ensures quality results. Therefore, let us work every day, plugging away at the steps, making our way to this year’s resolutions.


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