Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!


my laundry 4


Welcome to “Do it Yourself” Wednesday! Today, and for a series of weeks, I will be tackling my laundry room! It is usually the most uninspiring room in our homes, but one of the most important rooms to the families that live there. I think that the dedication I take to making the laundry room beautiful again, will prove that it could have both style and function all at the same time!

What is the vision?

Keeping with my navy blue theme throughout the house, I will buy cabinets and paint them to my desired shade. Painting the cabinets as opposed to purchasing them in a custom colour, will save you tons of money, and will also bring drama to the look you’re going for. Finish them off with some handsome hardware and we will have “Design at it’s prime!”

The cabinet structure in the center photo inspires me to put together a storage solution that will give my  garage door enough space to swing open, while incorporating a much needed utility sink. Grey tiled flooring will be my go-to, and I will complete this look with a nice black and white wallpaper design, which will add glam to the room’s overall look.

Tune in next week for step two of my glamorous laundry room makeover!

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