Saturday: Reflections


Saturdays are reflective days for me. A chance to take the week into account to see how I could make changes for the days ahead, but mostly for spiritual stillness. Now, I realize not everyone has a day like this in their calendar, but I believe that if you want to live your best life in this world, there should to be a day in the week dedicated to slowing down and taking time for you. I’ve decided to write with this in mind, hoping that you too, could find your day of reflections.

This week I struggled with the concept of purpose. To find meaning in every day that we live seems to be more and more of a daunting challenge at times, with how fast and repetitive our days feel. Some days, it feels like the movie “Groundhog Day,” where Bill Murray wakes up to experience the same day over and over again! The question is: Why does it always feel like the same day? I watch people pull into the same parking spot in the morning before work, order the same coffee at the corner café, and say hi to the same people before making their way up to their desks.

Making each day new and exciting requires one to carpool with co-workers, and have conversations on thought-provoking issues. Order a latte or a tea at the café to throw off the cashier’s automatic coffee charge when they see you come in. You could also say hi to someone you really don’t know well at the office, and make plans for lunch together. I believe that these are the ways we could splash some colour in our worlds, making new memories, and budding relationships that changes your life’s direction from the time you get out of bed.

While sipping my coffee in front of the computer this morning, I am thinking about taking more time to drop a little more of my sparkle behind in the days ahead, taking every opportunity to make new waves. No matter how difficult it seems to live on purpose, and with purpose, it all starts with a simple decision inside of you to begin. Happy Saturday everyone!

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