Sunday: At Home

homeToday is all about the house chores in my home. Anywhere from sweeping and mopping, to cooking and laundry. This is the day I both love and dread at the same time!  This is the official prep day for the week ahead and I have to say that it is the most important day for our household. The most tedious task is the laundry because there are 5-6 loads to run every Sunday, which usually takes the entire day to accomplish. I have three children ranging from 6 to 12 years old, and their laundry is usually the bulk of the loads that are done each week! Does that sound familiar to anyone?! Someone asked me why I don’t split the laundry to be done on separate days, but it just doesn’t go with the flow of my schedule. So, I make sure to bring everything down to the main area family room and start really early with my morning coffee. I separate lights, darks, and whites in their individual piles; soaking the whites in some hot bleach water until their turn is up.

I make sure the first load is in before I start breakfast, and the beat goes on. Sitting down to fold clean laundry never happens until the other chores are done. Then, and only then, am I able to sit in the family room and watch a Netflix series, while placing folded laundry into the colour coordinated baskets. Why colour coordinated you might ask? It’s simple: each member of the family owns a coloured basket, and is responsible for putting their own laundry away. If you don’t delegate, you will be doing laundry until Wednesday. Well, that is my routine in a nutshell. Anyone have a special way of doing their weekly laundry? Please share with us, and maybe we can use some of your ideas to perfect our laundry days. Happy Sunday everyone!

puffs(Italian Cream Puffs recipe I shared earlier in the week as promised! I didn’t let the custard cool the way it was supposed to, so it is kind of runny, but tastes fabulous!!! Be sure to share your pictures with us too.)


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