Saturday: Reflections

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Keeping things honest with yourself plays a fundamental role in the development of your TRUE self. It allows you to explore every aspect of your life, and to weed out what matters in your world, from the background noise. Making yourself aware of these differences gives you the ability to grow and nurture a brand new you. There are three different areas of our lives that I want to reflect on:


Where are you trying to go?

I had a conversation with a high school friend, the other day, about how different life turned out for us than what we expected back then. I reflected on the choices I have made, and wondered if some of them would have changed if had I believed in my purpose from the beginning. Keeping it real can be raw. However, in the valley of self-reflection, it is important that we keep in touch with the small voice inside that lets us know what we truly seek in life. It is our duty to foster that voice, no matter what the circumstances may be, so that we never back down from our dreams and passions as individuals. Let the voice navigate you and give you a sense of boldness in this world, so that you run after it, no matter how impossible it seems.


Who are the people to take you there?

My mother always said to me, “Let me see your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” All grown up, the statement has never been more true. Who are the people who surround you now? Are they vessels that carry you higher? Or do they hinder your progress? It is time to be honest and do some thinking about those who you are trusting to encourage you in weaker moments of your life. To decide, if they are the ones to push you to your next level. The point of this is not to be self-seeking, but to make sure that there is a healthy dose of “give and take”in the life you share with others.


How are you preparing yourself?

Taking care of you in every essence (body, mind, soul), may prove to be effective in the pursuit of becoming your best you. Observe your life: Are you eating well? Is a good night sleep the norm? How about what your thoughts? Are they centered around ideas that are hopeful and optimistic? I want to take the time to say how essential it is to keep yourself sound. It is the fuel that will help you on your journey.


Final thoughts

We are all secretly hoping to become someone great in this world. The hope has been planted before you could remember. Trust that it is possible to attain those dreams if you first humble yourself and be honest about where you are standing now. What does your heart desire? What is stopping you? Happy Saturday everyone!

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