Sunday: At Home




It is Sunday “At Home” with Lisa and we are in the kitchen today. Do me favour and take a look at your utility drawers. Pull them open. Oh, you can’t, can you? Well, this may be because they need to be categorized and simplified.


Step One:

Empty the drawer of all of the gadgets you use in your kitchen. Separate the ones you use often from the ones you didn’t recall you had. This keeps your drawers light so that you will find it easier to add something, or to open it easily if need be. Don’t be afraid to let things go. There may be a meat thermometer as big as a handheld mixer that you have stored up from your wedding gifts ten years ago.  If you haven’t opened it by now, chances are you never will.

Step Two:

Run out to your nearest dollar store and purchase a few various sized baskets for your drawer. These baskets will help you get more organized on a dime. Of course, you could go out and purchase a fancy wooden drawer divider, but the baskets will work just as well for your home and budget.

Step Three:

Rearrange the baskets in such a way that caters to your cooking utensil needs. The longer, more narrow baskets for the longer utensils like: Cooking spoons and spatulas. The square baskets for wine stoppers, and measuring cups. If you are a baker like me, you could dedicate a whole drawer or two to the many tools we own to create our masterpieces. Specialty gadgets can become a real clutter, so take the time to sort them out as best you can to ensure you can find them when you need them.

Organization is key to having a well functioning, beautiful home, and just imagine that it only starts with a few dollar store baskets! I guarantee that with this new order of things, you not only will be more inclined to cook, but you may also entice your family to venture into the kitchen too! Happy Sunday everyone!



(These are the Fruit and Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries I tried from Thursday’s post: What’s Baking? I would say that the dough should be centimeter thick to really get a deep bite when they are baked. Overall, super easy. Try it for yourself and see!)

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