Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

We are back for another round of “Confessions of a Shopping Diva,” and today we will be shopping for lamps.  Here are three nightstands in need of lighting:


These are a few lamps that I happened to snap a photo of during my trip to HomeSense:

All of these lamps range from $49-$69, which is a steal of a deal for the style we are in search of! Now, for the hard part, Which lamp would you choose for the three side tables in the collage above? If you click on the products, they show up as a letter or number. The letters represent the side tables, and the numbers represent the lamps. Pair the letters and the numbers that you would think goes best together. Ready, steady, let’s shop!

My choices would be: A3, B1, and C5. The first pair (A3) seems to belong in a bedroom. I figured the “desk light” look would be perfect for night reading, and would present dramatic spotlighting on either side of the bed. The second pair (B1) both have a bit of a rustic look to it, and would look perfect in informal space such as a den or family room. The last pair (C5) is a more elegant look that could partner with the bold statement of a black and white lamp. This look could easily add drama to a front hall or a chic office space.

I’d love to hear how you would pair these items, and why. Simply write your expert advice at the bottom of the page to share with the rest of us. Happy Monday everyone!

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