Saturday: Reflections

I was listening to a speaker the other day, who touched on a very important life lesson for me. He spoke about the different people we encounter throughout our lives, who impact us in diverse ways. It inspired me to make today’s reflection about the following human connections: Lifetime friends, revolving friends, season friendships, acquaintances, and the people that just don’t like you. Let’s explore each category in detail.

Lifetime friends are the people who you meet in your life before you really even know yourself. The people who were there when you were hanging upside down off of the monkey bars, crying about your first love lost, graduating from college, and walking down the aisle. Those are the friendships you cherish, taking good with the bad, making a lifetime of memories together. These people grow with you, encourage you, respect and love you. They keep you centered, grounded, and secure. They are family.

Revolving friends are those who bring much to the table when needed, and disappear for a time, only to come back just as strong. They are the people who show up to move you across town when you change jobs, but lay low until the next big thing in your life. Even though they are not always around, they are a reliable source you expect and depend on.

Season friends are those who start off strong but fade off into the sunset. They are the people who show up in your life to deliver something essential that you’ve been missing , but make an exit just as fast as they entered. Even though this type of friend sounds tragic, they are really for your good. They are sent to you with a purpose that equips you with the tools for success on your journey. Season friends are a vital life lesson in appreciation.

Acquaintances are a stepping stone, or a key that unlocks a new world of inspiration. They introduce you to a new way of life, loosening you up in an otherwise foreign place, giving you wings for flight. They are simply an introduction to a new chapter. Meeting a fellow student in a new class your taking, or a familiar face at a bar downtown, are prime examples of the purpose they serve.

People who just don’t like you are the most interesting individuals of them all. Whatever you do, where ever you go, however hard you try, you will never be well received by them. There is no one particular thing they dislike, but they find joy in  disliking others. What would be the purpose of this? It depends on your perspective. For them, it brings comfort to their insecurities. For you, it challenges you to be big, brave, and bold regardless of how people see you. It encourages you to search deep inside your soul, and  bring it to light. People who just don’t like you are crucial for recognizing and revealing your true character.

I say all of this to make the most important point. Everyone you meet in life falls into a category. It is imperative that we understand that people serve different purposes in our lives. In discovering those reasons, we can acknowledge the value each encounter holds, whether good or bad. It helps us to perceive life lessons long-term, as opposed to day to day, and gives a clearer view of why things happen the way they do. Isn’t it easier to see your “season friend” as a step into your own maturity, rather than a disappointment in your life? When you put things into perspective, you are able to navigate assuredly into your future. Happy Saturday everyone!

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