Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

I was surfing the net today, and the cutest ideas for projects in the kitchen popped up. I found organizational crafts, functional furniture, and even kitchen accessories! The accessory that stood out to me was the kitchen chalkboard! There are so many different ideas to choose from:


My personal favourite is the chalkboard below:



Just by the look of it, I could probably use a board that I could paint in chalkboard, and a few pieces of finishing wood, and wood glue for around the sides. I could find the hanging fixture and flower pots either at the dollar store, or Ikea. I decided that will give this project a try for a “reveal” next week Wednesday. Knowing me, I will spruce it up and add drama to it so it looks nothing like the picture, but that’s just me! Don’t forget that you will also need hanging hardware for the back of this project if you decide to attempt this at home.

I would love to see what you come up with if you do give it a shot, so please add the pics of your fabulous kitchen chalkboard creations to the bottom of this page! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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