Saturday: Reflections


Have you ever been so upset that you heat up like a pressure cooker with each annoying comment someone makes? You try to stay quiet but the words leap out of your mouth as you watch faces drop from disbelief. It’s only then you realize that you’ve gone too far, but the words have been delivered whether you own up to them or not. I’m discussing the power of keeping cool in times of frustration.

I had a terrible experience today with the fight of keeping cool in a frustrating moment. I was already having a difficult day from the start, and then something happened that caused an embarrassing scene. I visualized myself screaming at the top of my lungs, throwing objects, walking out and slamming doors. However, I managed to smile gracefully and stay seated with arms folded.

It is so important to be able to manage your emotions in times where you feel if you allow yourself to let go, you will fly right off the handle! The issue is that when you finally come to your senses, the damage will already have been done. I’ve been in situations where I wish I could dig a hole and hide, totally disappointed in myself. It’s not worth ruining your image for a moment of fury. Count to ten, take a bathroom break and vent there, or find something positive in the room and focus in on it. My focus was a baby.  It worked too. I was quite impressed.

Whatever you are angry at in the moment, is never reason enough to lose it. You give away all control and become someone that you are not familiar with. Keep your power and hold your tongue. It will ensure that you are at your best at all times, and you will be proud of how much clearer your perspective will be. Happy Saturday everyone!

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