Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva


Welcome to shopping heaven! For today’s activity, we will be looking at four different loveseats. I will give you a list of pricing, and it is up to you to match the right price with the loveseat. This game reminds me of the show, “The Price is Right” where people shout out prices in the audience, while the contestants try to figure out how much the car, or the can of tuna really is.

Here are the loveseats:


Here are the prices. Guess which price belongs to each loveseat:

  1. $849.99
  2. $1919.97
  3. $799
  4. $1669


If you got all four of the prices right for all four loveseats, then you are truly a shopping diva! It takes a special eye to put the price tag to the sale item, and to understand why certain products would retail for the prices they do. Shopping is a lot of fun when you can estimate, but even more exciting when they are on sale! Woohoo! The next time you go shopping at the mall, take a piece of paper and challenge a friend to write out the names of items, and estimated prices before peaking. See who gets the most points, and who has the sharpest skills. Who says window shopping isn’t fun? We have just given shopping a whole new meaning. Happy Monday everyone!


Answer Key: A4, B2, C3, D1

2 thoughts on “Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

    • The cream one is my fav! Loving the detail on the fancy feet. My taste is definitely a mix of traditional and modern, but I have to admit that the grey is eye-catching;)


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