Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!


Well, I have to admit that there wasn’t enough time to get the things I had in mind completed. However, I did manage to start them, which is a big pat on the back for me! I have been working tirelessly on putting that chalkboard together for you all to see, but there were some minor issues along the way.

1. I used an older magnetic primer that did not glide on well when rolling it on my MDF board. This caused some lumps and bumps on my smooth surface that just would not go away, no matter how much I sanded. I also tried to put a few coats over the bumpy one, but it just made more of a mess. Unfortunately, this has ridden on my “perfection or die” nerves, so guess who will be starting the chalkboard painting all over again? That’s me!  

2. The carpenter glue that the nice old man at the Home Depot promised me would stick, didn’t. So, needless to say, I had my hubby come in and give me a hand with screwing each corner of the frame in securely. I was a little disappointed with that because I assumed the glue would be enough. Some products are really misleading. Lesson: Always have a plan B in the back of your mind.

I am positive that it will all come together smoothly in the end. I have been working on a few accessories that will go nicely with the overall look. I was debating whether I should upload photos tonight or not, but I’ve decided I will surprise you with a finished product next week, instead. So, you’ll have to stay tuned for the big reveal!

By the way, I have fantastic news! I finally found my cabinets for my laundry room project! I purchased them on Facebook Marketplace, secondhand for $100! There are two double cupboards that I will be prepping soon for a refinish. I also bought some hardware (handles) at Habitat for Humanity Restore for $8 each (regular price $25 a piece). That was a steal of a deal people! I was loving myself that day! Project-wise, I’m on a roll, and I can’t wait to share all that I have cookin’ up for you. In the meantime, try a small project here or there, and share some photos and your experience. I would love to hear from you. Until next time, Happy Wednesday everyone!

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