Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva


The Pottery Barn Bed

This look is a gorgeous interpretation of spring in all of its glory, with linens and deep green velvets. The floral plays on the “blooming” element of the season, displaying pastels that compliment the light and dark contrast. You are examining a “Pottery Barn” bed, traditional at first glance, but with modern textures and layers, blends old and new to perfection.

In order to get this look, you will definitely need to understand the art of layering. A mattress padding is first laid, followed by a fitted and flat sheet. A duvet with cover would be placed on top, along with an attractive quilt. A simple throw would be thrown across this bed to complete the look, but in this case, another duvet was added for that soft floral touch.

Pillows also play a big role for layers, as it adds the depth and comfort of the style.  Four pillows: Two shams, and two pillow cases, is basic for a bed. The oversized pillows are the new look for the well-dressed bed, but the throw pillows have always been a part of the classic look. Either way, you can create a beautiful look your way, using the technique that best suits your style.


Bedding Pricing – Pottery Barn 



Classic Feather Bed Mattress Padding – $263.00 (Queen)



Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set – $329.00 (Queen)


Supreme Down Duvet Insert – $527.00 (Queen)



Velvet Channel Quilt and Shams – $229.99 (Queen)



Bloom Floral Cotton Duvet Cover – $200 (Queen)


So, you are looking at the prices with your eyes bugging out of your head right now, but I did mention that this is a “Pottery Barn” look. An expensive take on a gorgeous bed fit for a queen! Men, you will get your chance to be kings in upcoming entries. You have to admit that regardless of the price, this bed takes the cake for visual appeal, quality, and amazing comfort. I hope this bed has given you inspiration to transform your bed into the bed of your dreams this spring! Happy Monday everyone!



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