Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

Today, we are talking about unique shelving ideas for the bathroom. Not everyone has the space for a linen closet, and having these storage solutions can be a convenient way of having a space for everything! Here are a few examples of storage ideas in the bathroom:


The top left corner is a “mason jar” project with a piece of barn board and metal strips that will hold the jars in place on the wall. This could be used for storage of cosmetic items or essential bathroom objects. The two smaller photos on the top portion of the collage, are a very interesting way of displaying your typical bathroom products. Hanging baskets from a towel bar, or creating a modern floating shelf unit can make what was an an ordinary bathroom, a very distinctive one.

The rectangle shelving in the top right corner gives you a very innovative way of storing multiple towels at the same time. If you were to make the shelving a bit deeper, you could also store larger towels as well. The shelving on the bottom right is another great idea for making a multipurpose space both beautiful, and functional at the same time. This particular unit houses toilet paper/rolls, along with the toilet brush, making everyday items visually appealing. The use of barn board as a bathroom shelf is a simple, but classic idea for a smart bathroom upgrade. All you would need are the proper screws, a piece of board, and shelving brackets to get the job done.

The most exciting idea that I am thrilled to share is the image of seagrass baskets, mounted directly on to the wall! They are quirky, but practical, which gives a bathroom character.  You could even try your hand at making these baskets from scratch using the following items:


  • cardboard box
  • jute rope
  • hot glue gun
  • fabric bag (optional)

What an inexpensive way to achieve a “basket” look without paying a basket price! If you are ambitious, you could line the inside with rope, the same way you lined the outside for more of a complete look. If you did line the inside with the rope, you would not need to use the fabric, as it will already be a finished product without it. If there is time in your week, please try one of these DIY projects and let me know what you think. Hope you all have a fantastic evening! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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