Friday: The Socialite


In the wake of what seems to be a pandemic in the world, I decided to take the time to write you a message of calmness and reassurance. It is not the best time to be in a state of panic, as it only causes for those around us to feel unsure about what will happen next. We have to remember that we are all in this together. If someone falls ill, do everything you can to help. Continue to say please and thank you, and smile at someone. Give to those who are in need, and be the voice of encouragement for those who feel they cannot face this adversity.

We have to work together as a community to ensure that everyone will be okay. No one is alone. Keep an eye on the elderly or vulnerable who live around you. See what it is that they will need, and do what is right. Try not to spend too much time watching the news, but keep your mind focused on positive thoughts to keep you grounded. Play a lot of boardgames, and dabble in a little arts and crafts. Download some workouts, get reading, and make it a spa day at home. Appreciate those who are around you, and take good care of each other. We will be okay. We will make the best of this time together, and will consider how blessed we are to have health and life. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.  Happy Friday everyone!


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