Saturday: Reflections



While playing tea party with my kids today, the realization of what truly matters in life became all the more clearer. We go through our lives with a packed agenda. There are a million games to get the kids to, lunch dates with co-workers, shopping for necessities, and so much more. The minute our schedules clear, we are left facing the most important part of our lives, which is our families. It’s amazing how much you learn from them, and the quality time you spend when there is nothing else on the agenda. It’s almost sad to think that something so serious as a virus has led us to make more time for each other. The thought definitely has me reconsidering my priorities, and reaching to the heart of the matter: What is the true meaning of our lives?

The essence of our lives is a product of the meaning we put into it. How meaningful is your life to you or others? In order to examine the meaning, we have to live with a purpose. In my mind, my purpose is to live to affect other people’s lives in a positive way, prompting change for the better. There must be a reason why we live each day here on this Earth. With all that is going on the world today, have you thought about it? If we tune into who we are as individuals, and what we contribute to others around us, we will better understand why we are here. We care, create, imagine, explore, manage, cope, hope, and inspire, among many other things, daily. Making these actions a bold expression of our true selves sews meaning into who we are, thus giving us life with purpose when we touch others.

When you look around you this week, keep in mind that everything you say and do adds meaning, and contributes purpose to the bigger picture. Say each word from the heart, and do what you would never regret. Leave a legacy behind in the world that people would cherish, and give those around you a piece of yourself they could use to continue on the journey.  I hope this reflection inspires you to think about your purpose, and what is important to you. Hoping you all are in good health and spirits!  Happy Saturday everyone!



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