Sunday: At Home


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Good news! I found some toilet paper;) All I need is one pack and I finally found it at Costco today. So, needless to say, it was an early start this morning. I went out and got my taxes done, and even had enough time to stop over at my sister’s for a coffee. I have to admit that there was not much work done in the house. Partly, because my mom is over for a visit, and she loves to do chores around the house! However, by the time she leaves, I never know where anything is anymore! How many of you know what I’m talking about? Moms. You have to love their mysterious ways.


I did manage to whip up a beautiful Tiramisu as promised last week, but it is not quite ready to be eaten. The recipe says that it should be chilled for 4-6 hours to set, but I am most disappointed about that. I had a cup of coffee and a great movie picked out to celebrate this dessert, but it looks like I will have to repeat the celebration process tomorrow night, instead.

Tonight, I will take it easy and plan the rest of my week in the morning, as I have a lot of time to kill at home for the next few weeks. If anyone else will be taking it easy at home, I’d be interested to know what your plans are at home, and if it involves baking, decorating, DIY projects, or some good old-fashioned online shopping! Whatever you all plan to do with the upcoming week, take full advantage of this time at home. In the history of the world, we have never experienced “vacation” for this long, at the same time, ever! Have a fantastic week, and happy Sunday everyone!

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