Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

I’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen lately, and I realize that there are a few items that we should not be without. Here are a few ideas that you might want to add to your list of items to purchase for the perfect functioning kitchen:


download (33)Kitchen Stuff Plus, $14.99

Salad spinner – used to dry your washed lettuce, and allows for a tasty salad without it  being soggy. Take it from me, a Caesar salad has no business being wet, other than the dressing. I used to find myself using 10 pieces of paper towel just trying to dry lettuce pieces off. Waste of paper! This item will dry your salad in no time flat.


download (34)Bed Bath and Beyond, $19.99

Lemon squeezer –  a tool used in the kitchen that squeezes the juice out of lemon halves.  This is handy because it cancels your effort in squeezing the lemon yourself, and it also manages to get every last drop out. In the same time that it takes to squeeze one or two lemons manually, you could have already made a whole pitcher of lemonade with this practical gadget!


download (35)       Canadian Tire, $39.99

Veggie spiralizer –  this gadget allows you to cut vegetables in various ways, from slices to spirals. It is a neat way to prepare veggie-based dinners that resemble your favourite carb meals. Eating veggies has never been so exciting!


images (39)  Kitchen Stuff Plus – $7.99

Apple corer – a fantastic way to cut apples without even taking the knife out! This gadget works by pushing down from the top of the apple to extract the core, and to divide it into perfect slices. A perfect tool for parents with small kids, or even apple lovers!


download (36)  Ebay, $6.79

Cheese grater – grating cheese has never been easier with this efficient little gadget in the kitchen. Simply open the top and toss in the piece of cheese. Turn clockwise with one hand while holding the base steady with the next, and there you have it! Instant grated cheese with half of the effort. Say goodbye to your standard graters because this product is the real deal!


Purchasing smaller gadgets and designating spaces in your kitchen for them, is essential for keeping order in your space. If you decide on gadgets, make sure they are items that you would use often in your cooking routines in order for it to be worth buying.  Investing in gadgets often save you time and effort, making your cooking experience a pleasurable one. Simplicity is key. The more you can do with one gadget, the better. Having multipurpose gadgets encourage less storage space, and allows you to do more with less. Consider this when shopping for gadgets that you would add to your collection. Happy Monday everyone!

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