Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

I purchased few items to start my cabinet painting project today. This is the start of my laundry room project that I have been planning for some time. I guess there is no time like the present to get things done around here! It was a ghost town in the Home Depot, but I found what I needed a lot faster, which was a plus. The tools I needed to begin were as follows:

1. Degreaser

2. Wood filler

3. Primer and paint

4. Sanding squares (100 and 180 grit)

5. Painting triangles (keep wet objects off the working space)

6. Foam roller/brush

7. Polyurethane

To start, I will take the doors off of the hinges and store the hardware pieces in a ziploc bag. I will degrease each door and the surface of the cabinet. It is probably easier to get toothbrush to clean the grooves that are hard to reach. I’ll use the scrubbing sponge on the larger areas.

After the cabinets dry, I will fill my holes or cracks with the wood filler. Using the 100 grit snd square, I will rub in the direction of the woodgrain, working the surface until the shine becomes dull. I’ll use the 180 grit afterwards for finer sanding.

Priming is next. One even coat is sufficient for the project, followed by a few coats of paint. Keeping the strokes up and down will allow for a more uniformed look. I will leave drying time in between each coat of paint to ensure that the paint cures on the surface.

Finally, a layer of polyurethane will be applied to give the cupboards more durability, and a natural shine that will complete the job. I will post a picture of my completed cabinets once they are all done. Think about the little projects that you could do around the house that will help pass the time, and will keep you on top of your “to do” list. Let’s get jiggy with it! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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