Sunday: At Home

This Sunday turned out to be a really pretty one, with a high of 13 degrees! It was rainy at the start, but the sun finished off strong by the end of the day. I hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy the good weather. I, myself had an exciting Sunday trying to track down this item at the Home Depot:

This is the Cayman Egg Chair for $398. A gorgeous addition to the outdoor thoughts I’ve been having these past few months. Isn’t it cute? The price is pretty reasonable and a few kids can cozy up, or a grown-up could snuggle with a book easily in this. The only problem was, there was none in stock! I searched the first store by phone and they said they found one in another store not too far away. When I called that store, they told me that their inventory says they have none!! I was devastated because this chair has been part of the plan, and I assumed I would have it.

Then an amazing thing happened. The associate told me that she would check the floor just to see if the inventory was wrong. I’ll pause here to say that if you’ve ever been to a store, and the item that you are looking for is not within plain sight, what can you expect? The associate would say that if you don’t see it there, we probably don’t have any left, right? Nine times out of ten, they are wrong, but we will never know because they refused to check. I’m soooo thankful for people who still go out of their way to make sure they are providing the best customer service. It is refreshing to have someone take a second look, just to be sure they didn’t miss anything.

Low and behold, on her quick scan of the back of the store, she found my chair!!! I told her to hold that baby because mommy was on her way;) A few other customers tried to buy it before I got there, but she was very persistent about saving it for me. I will definitely be doing the survey on the associate’s behalf. I am happy to announce that the Cayman Chair will be joining the outdoor living plans I have in store for the summer after all! Yay! I realize it is not easy to shop in the middle of this crisis that is on our hands at this present time, but make note that Home Depot is delivering their products for a fee. Purchases over $1500 would be free to your doorstep, just to sweeten the pot.

I did have that birthday party for my son this week, and the cake was awesome! So the big reveal, a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, a chocolate ganache drip, and goodies on top!

It was a lot of fun to make, and I purchased the cake topper download from Sometimes Pie at Everything looked phenomenal, and my son was so happy! I definitely hit this week out of the park, and I think it calls for a glass of White Zinfandel and a good back rub. I’ll see if the hubby is up to it;) Until next time, happy Sunday everyone!

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