Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

Take a good look at the food items we have been using and recycling in the past few months. What do you see?

  1. Cereal Boxes – can be reused and repurposed to be many interesting things in your home. We must go through 1-3 boxes a week (depending on if you have kids in the house like me). What if we put our creative heads together and see cardboard boxes as more than just boxes? Take a look:

All of these great DIY challenges from a couple of cereal boxes, cut down to size, and wrapped in pretty paper. These ideas can get you recycling the recycling, and organizing your space, all at the same time! How exciting!

2. Empty Jars – are items that could get your creative juices flowing almost anywhere in the home. They could be useful from the garage, to the bathroom, giving everything their very own home.

* Ideas taken from, and

Just a few great ideas for peanut butter jars, pasta sauce jars, and pickle jars that are hanging out in your blue bin. What ideas can you come up with to reinvent the common grocery item containers we have so much of? Just a little time, and a lot of imagination, and you can take what was ordinary, and make it extraordinary.

Gather the kids, or your partner, and get them to brainstorm. What can we make today? I hope you have oodles of fun! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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