Saturday: Reflections

So, did anyone catch the newest edition of Architectural Digest? The Toronto rapper, “Drake,” made his mansion’s debut, and it is definitely something to marvel at. If you live in Toronto, and you know about the whereabouts of this house, then you know that Bridle Path is a place where you could only dream of living. Drake has a 50,000 square foot mansion that he has been working on now for six years or so, and his project is finally complete. I thought I’d share the pictures with you so you can see for yourself what has me so excited about the home.

  • The master bath features a Nero Marquina marble vanity and tub. Custom chandelier by Lumifer Brabbu sconces chair by...
  • A backlit panel of brown agate semiprecious stone softly illuminates the studio lounge. Erwan Boulloud aluminum cocktail...
  • Suede chairs by Rafauli line a Paonazzo marble island in the kitchen. Gabriel Scott pendants La Cornue x Ferris Rafauli...
  • Drake wearing Tom Ford and sneakers by Nike in his Toronto home. Fashion styling by Mellany Sanchez.
  • Drakes Grammys are displayed in his awards room.
  • Over the pool a backlit slab of Nero Assoluto granite offers interchangeable atmosphere lighting.
  • Uniforms of basketball legends line the jersey hall. Gabriel Scott lighting.
  • Drake in a Kapital sweatshirt and 1017 ALYX 9SM pants with Rafauli in the lounge.
  • A Ferris Rafauli custom daybed wears a Jean Paul Gaultier textile in the recording studio. The accent pillows also by...
  • In the master bedroom Rafauli incorporated a hummingbird tapestry by Alexander McQueen for The Rug Company into the...
  • Custom chandeliers by Venicem hang in the master walkin closet. Shearling banquette and millwork by Rafauli.nbsp
  • The official NBAsize court is painted with details inspired by Drakes lifestyle brand Octobers Very Own.
  • Two sculptures by Kaws flank the homes entrance. Custom bronzeandsolidmarble chandelier by Rafauli Escarpment Light and...
  • A bespoke Bsendorfer concert grand piano designed by Ferris Rafauli and Takashi Murakami anchors the great room.
  • A suspended cantilevered block marble stair is adorned with chandeliers by Rafauli.
  • An enfilade features Baccarat lighting.nbsp
  • Another view of Drake's pool.
  • In the dining room a 12person table is surrounded by velvet chairs all by Rafauli. Baccarat chandelier.nbsp

*Photos taken from

Do I have your attention yet? Everything that you see is made from authentic materials such as limestone, bronze and exotic woods. A true masterpiece in the world of Interior Design. It intrigued me that he did not want anything else but authenticity to represent him in the building of his home. His thoughts about his house must have been inline with his career, which has always been original. After the initial shock of how well-built his mansion really is, his words about what he was trying to accomplish with this project, weighed heavily on me.

“Because I was building it in my hometown, I wanted the structure to stand firm for 100 years. I wanted it to have a monumental scale and feel,” Drake says of his passion project. “It will be one of the things I leave behind, so it had to be timeless and strong,” he adds.

*Quote taken from

It is interesting that a man who has so much in this world, works diligently towards packaging it to be left behind. Drake is trying to create his own legacy that people can remember him by. He has a room that houses his awards over the years, rooms that speak of his hobbies, and a grand piano that is dedicated to the music that he loves.

When you look around you, what do you feel your legacy will be? I understand that people refer to a legacy as knowledge one passes down, or even personality traits. However, I’m talking about all that you accumulate in this life being passed on to those after you, which bears your memory. What will that look like? Have you thought of it? You are probably saying that now is not a time to be thinking about what we will leave behind, but is a time to focus on how we will survive. That is true, and I respect that point of view.

I also believe, that when we start thinking about our own legacies, it helps us to create a vision of what we hope to accomplish, and how we will go about doing it. We may never have accomplishments as great as our rapper-friend, Drake, but we could draw from him, the possibility of your own authentic greatness. Each and every one of us is capable of creating a life and legacy filled with passion, and a sense of purpose. A legacy could thrive off of those things alone, in order to take you to your designated spot in this world. There is a spot for all of us, if we would only believe it.

I find that when the cards are down, and you have the losing hand, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else who is left to believe in who you are, and what you can do. The secret to creating this success in your life is to believe it, even when no one else does. I’m sure that there are days where you refuse to pick up your violin, or you have a difficult time staring at an empty screen with writer’s block. You are your biggest fan, your most dedicated public relations manager, and the only person you can trust to take you to the top. The top is different for everyone, but they are all revered when at its peak.

I write this to encourage you the way I’ve been encouraging myself. There is a legacy in everyone to be left behind. It is up to us to find it, tap into it, and believe in it until everyone else does. These are hard times to believe, but believe anyway. When everything is said and done, your effort, and dedication towards the dream will be left standing. I hope you will find the will to keep dreaming and never stop working. You never know which corner success might be behind until you start walking. Happy Saturday everyone!

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