Sunday: At Home

Happy Easter everyone! The sponge cake turned out fabulous! I thought I’d share a picture for you all to see:

Easter is a time to reflect on the goodness of God and the sacrifice He made with His son, Jesus. All of this was done on our behalf, and for this, we should be forever grateful. This weekend should reflect Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, which has given us access to eternal life. We would be nothing without Him, we owe it all to Him, and He is the reason why we are still here today. I wanted to pause and say that if we focus our thoughts on Him, and trust where He is leading, we will all survive these trying times.

Hold the hands of your loved ones tonight around the table, and say a prayer for your family, and the world, as we all partake in Easter dinner. Jesus is truly the reason for this season. Lots of love from my family to yours! Happy Sunday everyone!

Easter - It's Meaning, History & Holiday Symbols Explained

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