Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

Does anyone have any bare walls that need a bit of sprucing up? I was researching online and found a few websites that offer free printable wall art to create that special art gallery wall you’ve been dreaming of! I figured that it would be more feasible to do because it is a lot harder now to paint, given that we cannot get into hardware stores:( The first step in creating the perfect wall art gallery for your home is to choose your theme. I’ve taken the liberty in attaching a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

Painting-themed walls give the space a creative appeal, making the artistic expression an authentic one. Mixing the right amount of portraits, landscape, and still life, gives the wall layers of context of which people will be able to converse about over dinner. The addition of empty frames gives an artistic intrigue that will leave your mind imagining what could be missing.

Texture-themed wall art gives life to an otherwise two-dimensional space. Compelling the senses to come alive and appreciate a room, draws a spectator into the idea of a multifold world of complexity. Oooh! That sounds exciting to me!

Abstract-themed art allows one to run away with their thoughts on the images they see, and what it represents for them. Colours and artistic techniques rule for this type of art, making it easy to be the central focus for the room. The art compliments the room, while showing off its dramatic appeal.

Now that you have a few ideas to work with, you have to look at your space and decide what will compliment it. If you have a lot of family photography, it is possible to pair it with a few of the above pieces that will give an artistic touch to the look. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It could bring about ideas that you would have never considered.

Take your pieces and lay them out on the floor first to organize them. When you think you have the right order, cut out a life-sized area of the wall using banner paper, and trace each piece with a pencil, marking the dot where the nail should go. Be sure to label your actual frames on the floor to coincide with a quick sketch. That way, if you accidentally move on or two of the frames, you can always check your sketch to recreate the look again. Tape the banner paper to the wall, and add the nails for art, one at a time, until you have everything up perfectly. Pull the paper away gently once all the nails are in place, and hang everything up according to the sketch.

I’ve added a video I’ve found to explain the hanging process:

*Video found on

Lastly, I’ve found a website that mentions a list of sites for free printable art: I hope that your wall art gallery turns out to be a huge success! Have fun with the hanging! All the best to you, and happy Wednesday everyone!

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