Saturday: Reflections

I was scanning through Facebook today, and froze when I saw this:

Kim Jong Un in a ‘vegetative state’ after heart surgery – Japanese Media

China has dispatched a team to North Korea including medical experts to advise on him, according to three people familiar with the situation.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits a drill of long-range artillery sub-units of the Korean People’s Army(photo credit: REUTERS)North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health is reportedly in a vegetative state after undergoing a failed cardiovascular procedure earlier this month, according to the medical team treating him.
Amid conflicting reports about Kim’s health, Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Gendai reported on Friday that a Chinese medical team member on the mission to North Korea briefly explained the situation to its senior writer, Kondm Daisuke.The medical expert said during a visit to the countryside earlier this month, Kim clutched his chest and fell to the ground. A doctor accompanying Kim immediately carried out CPR and took him to a nearby hospital for emergency care.China has dispatched a team to North Korea including medical experts to advise on him, according to four people familiar with the situation. 
Reuters was unable to immediately determine what the trip by the Chinese team signaled in terms of Kim’s health. However Shukan Gendai‘s report claims they were called to the leader’s aid by his accompanying doctor after the incident.

*Article taken from

The reason why it shocked me is that just the other day, this man was strutting around, showing of his political muscles, and now, brain dead. The value of life is priceless, but many of us take each day for granted. We go on about our business, making plans for the future, and making selfish choices that lead to personal failures, never considering the consequences of our actions. Believing that we have a lifetime to figure out where we went wrong, we go on with the next day, disregarding the last.

The question I pose today is: How much time do we have left here? If we knew the length of time we have before we pass on, would it change how we go about our everyday dealings? It might be possible that we would all be a bit more careful with what we put out there in the world. I was at the grocery store recently, and in line waiting to cash out. I stepped out to the side of my cart to retrieve something, and an elderly man started yelling at me to watch how close I stood beside him. He used profane language, and made a huge scene. I was both shocked and saddened at the sight. Is this what fear has driven us to? Cursing each other out about the amount of space between us? I even wondered if the Coronavirus was now an acceptable excuse for people to treat others with such open disrespect. It is a disaster. What would I have done in that situation if I were the man in the store? I would simply move over to better protect the both of us. I understand the seriousness of the situation we have on our hands, but we have to remember that we are all in this together. You look out for me, and I look out for you. That way, we are both looking out for each other.

Another thought came to mind,”When it is my time to close my eyes, I wouldn’t want me, cursing in the grocery line, to be the last thing anyone remembers.” We don’t know the final hour, nor what happens after we finally close our eyes, but my suggestion is that if we do things the right way, we could better prepare ourselves for what comes next. It’s better to live knowing that you put your best foot forward, living for others before yourself. It creates a peace of mind that calms you in the toughest moments of life, and allows you to relax about your future. No matter what, God has you. I just wanted us all to think about our lives for a second. If you learned you had days, hours or minutes left to live, what would the last moments of your life look like? Now, let’s put it into perspective. There will always be someone in this world living the reality of their last moments. Be kind to each other, and take care of one another. It is what we were born to do, and is never wrong when it is practiced. I believe there is even a name for the concept; Love. Happy Saturday everyone! I love you all.

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