Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

When considering the budget for your kitchen space, you may want to ask yourself what is most important in the quest for making it beautiful. Some people are not too fussy about tall cabinets, fancy moulding, and expensive appliances, but for others, that is what sets the space apart. There is a list that makes a kitchen high end, or budget friendly. Understanding the fundamentals of such a list will help you to create the perfect blend of expensive on a dime, that will fool even the best critic!


These days, gorgeous cabinets can be found at an inexpensive price if you are creative with the process. The pictures above are examples of cabinets from Ikea, which give you a top of the line look for less. A smart way to add that custom look that you crave is to add glass cabinets, trim across the top, and especially some handsome hardware. Don’t forget the countertop that can range from laminate reasonable, to granite crazy! There are some bold looks for a reasonable price if you take your time in the search. All of these extras create a luxe appeal without breaking the bank.


Opting for the fancy faucet also creates the drama in the kitchen of your dreams. There are so many versions of the trendy faucets that you see above. You can be sure to find the perfect one at the right price for you. The tall faucets are quite popular because of the space it allows for the ease of washing pots and pans. They are also very sleek in the modern kitchen, and can do a range of interesting things; from touch start, to control apps. It has never been so easy to give your kitchen the facelift that it needs with something as simple as a faucet!


I can’t lie. There isn’t much wiggle room for pricing when it comes to appliances these days. You could never find KitchenAid style on a Maytag budget, but I have to be honest and say that Maytag could very well be done right if given the chance! The look of these modern day appliances are having a profound effect on what the kitchen has evolved into over the years, and has changed the way we use the space. The option of convection cooking allows us to cook faster and more efficiently in the oven, while the fridge tells us when we are out of milk! The dishwasher cleans the dishes for us after a meal, which gives us more time for activities with the family after dinner. Isn’t that something? Whichever way you slice it, appliances will have a big ticket price, but will definitely deliver on the benefits.

Deciding what you will spend the extras on will help you concentrate on what is truly important in your kitchen. Believe that it could all be done if balance your approach on big ticket items. Trimming the cost in various places will help you to achieve the kitchen of your dreams without the ugly weight of debt on your shoulders. Until next time, happy Monday everyone!

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