Friday: The Socialite

Pink supermoon lights up night sky in North Okanagan-Shuswap ...

Our social connections with the world outside may not work the same way it used to, but we still have to find ways to keep hopes up for our own piece of mind. Finding the joy in a simple drive is a “night move” we can really get into. Packing up the car with the kids, your partner, or just you and your new favourite song list, and heading out into open road. Taking in the sights and sounds of the city that was once vibrant, rising again to its former glory, is the true wonder of the evening. Pack your coffee and fresh snack, and drive into the twilight of the night, understanding that there will never be another moment in your life quite like this again.

When I was younger, my father used to pack the three of us kids up in the back of his Thunderbird, with my mom nestled beside him in the front. We would all be in our pjs, excited for a little adventure before bed. We drove down into the the bright lights, and busy sounds of Yonge street, while enjoying a soft-serve vanilla cone that slowly melted in our tiny hands. These are the memories that live vividly in my mind even today. The memories that made ordinary nights seem magical.

Make some “night moves” tonight and escape into the dark. Bring a blanket and get cozy for a long drive. See the world in its tranquility before it awakes again in the morning. Roll the windows down and take in the fresh air. We are slowly coming back to ourselves. Happy Friday everyone!

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