Saturday: Reflections

This has been an important weekend for women everywhere, from Women’s Day on Friday in Canada, to Mother’s Day this Sunday around the world. As both a woman and a mother, I am inspired to write. This message truly comes from the heart.

Women are raised from a tender age with dolls in our hands, practicing how to nurture and care for others. We watch our own mothers change diapers, make lunches, and kiss boo boos, making note of the way she moves gracefully through each task with ease. Mother. We listen as she imparts knowledge in our teachable moments, sharing from the rich experiences of her youth. Mother. The woman who shares her life equally between her husband and her children, switching roles effortlessly according to who is in need. Mother. The woman who stands for us when no one else will. Mother. The woman who would go to the ends of the earth for us, and only sees the best in us no matter what we’ve done. Mother. Our pancake joy, and sunshine happiness is all because of you. Mother. You make everything brighter, and the world more colourful just because you’re in it.

On this day, we want you to know that we set our minds and hearts on the motivation to be the kind of mother to our own children, as you have been to us. Words cannot describe the gratitude that we feel for how you’ve changed our lives for the better, and given us the challenge of big heels to fill! Mother, we love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to women all over the world! You don’t have to be a traditional mother to be acknowledged this weekend. The love and support that you give to those you care for, speaks volumes of the kind of woman you are. We celebrate all of you. You are Mother. Happy Saturday everyone!

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