Saturday: Reflections

How many of you have ever been in a situation where you have done something to someone that is beyond forgiveness? The pain of knowing that you crossed their tolerance boundaries, and stepped into a place where they themselves can’t make peace with it, no matter how hard they try? It is a difficult thing to internalize, and to live with. What do you do when you need redemption?

I heard a story about a man who denied that he knew someone important in his life, three times. This denial depended on his friend’s very life, but he was too scared to walk that path and face what trouble his friend was in, so he made a self-preserving move and turned his back on him. The hard part about what he had done, was not the denial, but the betrayal of the friendship itself. He had a difficult time making peace with something he thought his friend could never forgive, and his heart was sad and full of regret.

When in a situation where we are looking for a chance to put away our guilt and shame, we must remember that forgiveness is much more powerful than we ourselves understand. It gives someone justification to move forward in a life of freedom, putting the past mistakes behind them. In that story, the friend forgave the man who did not stand for him, and it goes on to say that the man lived every day after that, proclaiming his love for him. Forgiveness can heal, and can mend broken hearts. Forgiveness can transform someone into a better version of themselves, making them more grateful to the person who liberated them.

Asking for forgiveness isn’t easy, as you are at the mercy of someone else who has to decide whether they will lay in their own suffering, or swallow their pride to do what is right. After all, we live life on both sides of the coin, having to ask for forgiveness, and also having to forgive others. In the decisions that you make daily, always give what you would want to receive. When the tables are turned, you will be thankful that you did. Happy Saturday everyone!

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