Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

Is everyone excited about stores reopening tomorrow? I know, we are all a bit weary, but I guess we have to start somewhere right? The rule is that only the stores with front doors will be able to participate, leaving malls temporarily closed. Of course, social distancing policies are fully enforced to ensure that you are shopping safely.

In the meantime, I have a fun game I thought you would like to play: What’s the Price? There are three outdoor items, and three different prices that you have to match together correctly. Good luck!

Item#3 (Bug Zapper)


a) 29.99          b) 12.99        c) 34.99

*All items sold at Canadian Tire

I also did a little shopping myself over this past week. I put together an outdoor summer look for my table that is fresh and exciting. The “lemon citron” design is a new trend that I am loving this year! Pairing this with bold, primary coloured plates takes your table setting to a whole new level! Don’t forget to add fresh olive branches, or live herbs, in a short, glass vase as your centerpiece. That will give the table an earthy look and fragrance, but still allow for an unobstructed view of your guests. These are a few of the “lemon citron” inspired table accessories I purchased:

Set of 2 Serving Trays, Walmart $68.99

Table Runner, Wayfair, $29

Deals are on every corner, so you have to keep your eyes open! Shopping is oodles of fun! Now if only we could have an unlimited amount of money to spend, right?! I posted the answers to the quiz at the bottom of this post. Happy Monday everyone!

Answer Key:

1)b, 2)a, 3)c

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