Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

This week on “Do it Yourself Challenge,”we are hitting the outdoors once again, to make our very own front door pots! They are a lovely accent piece to your front entrance, and easy to maintain. There are many different styles to choose from, so you have to decide if you want something whimsical, colourful, rustic, or even elegant to be a representation of your home. I found a few ideas that might get you thinking about what would best suit your style. Take a look:

Lovingly pruned trees in pots are a real sign of elegance: a visitor can find them all over the grounds of Versailles. These little trees which flank a door with a lion head knocker are enlivened with nearly identical plantings of bright purple asters in antiqued planting boxes on a black and white harlequin front stoup. (

Ferns have always had an elegance about them, especially when more than one type are planted together. One interesting mix is the delicate maidenhair fern with the more robust Boston fern. The two rectangular pots here have a matching arrangement of ferns and blue hydrangea to add pops of blue-lavender to the shades of green. (

Give your home a rustic, natural vibe by flanking the front door with these log-style planters. Tall and graceful, they make the perfect place to display flower plots or leafy greens. The cement resin composite material is tough enough for outdoor use — there are even built-in drainage holes to help keep your plants healthy. The bark detailing creates a realistic look, and the durable materials need no maintenance. (

A trio of pots makes for a joyful grouping on the front porch. Te largest, made of terracotta, holds violas and a topiary frame on which ivy is trained. The second largest has a classic, cast iron look and is filled with petunias and a wrought metal sculpture. The third, a simple crockpot, is planted with cascading impatiens and gloxinias. (

Searching for the perfect flowers, shrubs and pruned trees at your local nursery, is the first step in putting together the potted plants of your dreams! You can get really creative with some pots by painting them, or reusing older pots you may have had in storage. For pruned trees and shrubs, always find out how much sun it will need, and whether it can bear the winter months outdoors. Otherwise, you may have to bring them indoors for the colder seasons. Good luck with planting this week! The weather seems to be in full cooperation with gardening, so we had better take full advantage. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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