Friday: The Socialite

Wouldn’t it be something to go back in time to experience communication with people all around the world in letter form again? I think it was the best mode of correspondence between two people, making handwritten words better defined, and personalized. When you received mail back then, it made you feel so special. Your name and address were printed on the front, which made the envelope exclusively yours. The address in the top corner, or on the back gave you an inclination as to whom the letter was from. Lastly, the more exotic the stamps, the further away the envelope had travelled from. It was exciting to imagine how many people participated in the travel of your letter, and the miles of sea or land that extended between you and the writer. Handwritten letters were absolutely amazing!

Do you know what? We should revive them! Yes, I know that there is a more efficient way to send messages to those you know these days, but what if we took the time to write? Taking the time to put pen to paper is a beautiful way of conveying your true feelings for those you write to. I believe that there are steps to writing the perfect letter, which I will share with you:

Fully Handwritten Letters – Ballpoint Marketing
  1. Choose the perfect stationary for the letter you write. If you are writing about good news like a wedding announcement, or a new baby, the paper’s design could tie into the theme. That way, you set the mood and tone of the message.
  2. Use a special pen that enhances your penmanship. Having a letter written out in gorgeous handwriting will make anyone’s day shine brighter. Even if your penmanship skills are not the best, neat printing can still be attractive with the right pen.
  3. Interesting topics to discuss include: Good news, big changes, starting projects, or even new relationships and love. The good thing about letters is that they are well thought out words that were given much consideration. They also cut to the chase, with the biggest, and most exciting topics of discussion in your life. Juicy read, isn’t it? Lol.
  4. Pictures, trinkets, or anything small that the recipient would enjoy, could always be added to the envelope as a treat. I love the little surprises!
  5. Stamps! Choosing the perfect stamp could be the most exciting, as there are many to choose from. Did you know that you could go online and personalize them to suit your taste? Sounds like a whole other blog to me!

At a time such as this, I suggest that we even broaden our list of writing pals in the world, who you know would truly appreciate a letter in their life. It could be the perfect way to reach out to others to let them know that there is someone in the world who is thinking of them now. If you knew that it brought tears to a person’s eyes that you sent words of encouragement, wouldn’t it be worth it for you to pick up the pen? Think about it this weekend, as we find new and innovative ways to socialize with each other. Lots of love to you tonight. Happy Friday everyone!

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