Sunday: At Home

Things Your Grocery Store Doesn't Want You to Know

Hello all! I hope you are doing well on this bright and beautiful day. It is Sunday, and Sundays are usually clean up days for me, as you know. However, I didn’t get to cleaning because I had a hard time rolling out of bed this morning. Extremely tired, but I did what I could. I did manage to shop for groceries today. The social distancing lines at the grocery store were not bad at all. I was grateful. However, the retail stores were a different story. I guess people are happy to be shopping for something other than food for once;)

I stopped in at the Superstore to pick up a few items for this vegan cheesecake we talked about earlier on in the week. As I walked through the organic aisles of the market, and added items to my basket, I was appalled at the prices! The horror of spending $9 on a 200ml container of vegan cashew cream cheese! (I needed 3 containers!) When I picked up the coconut flour, it was $8 a bag, with 450 grams inside. What do you all think about that? I feel sorry for those who are vegan, or those who have certain food allergies, who have no choice but to buy this expensive food regularly.

Should you go organic? - Harvard Health

I was talking with a friend about the reasons why organic food would be that much more expensive than the other items in the grocery store. I believe that expensive products in the food industry are used as a base for some of the common grocery items we are familiar with. For example, the cashew cream cheese would be more of an expensive product to purchase, due to the fact that cashews were used as the key ingredient. If you look at the price of cashews in the stores, there is no wonder why the byproduct would be so costly.

Also, the process of using cashews to make a cream cheese product, may be more specialized, therefore requiring more funding for the production. Then of course, there is the demand to consider. The greater the demand, the less the product costs, as the focus is quantity for revenue. Not everyone eats specialty foods, which makes the prices of these foods drive up to make up for the lack of demand. Easy as that, I guess. This doesn’t mean that I agree with purchasing a small container of cashew cream cheese for $9, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Anyway, I’ve said enough about prices, but if you happened to be interested in how much my bill came up to, it was whopping $78! Expensive cheesecake, right?! But what can be said about the cake itself? It is still in the oven as I write this, and the aroma is quite similar to other cheesecakes I’ve made in the past. It takes a lot of ingredients to make up the consistency of a basic cheesecake, but by the looks of it, it just might pass.

The filling was flavourful, and had a slight tang from the lemon juice. Don’t skip the lemon step because it is one of the main ingredients that gives the cake it’s taste. All of the nuts, coconut sugar, and maple syrup, tints the cake a slight brownish colour, which may not matter if the flavour is present. A few steps more than a regular cheesecake, but nothing we can’t handle. Overall, I give it a 8 out of 10 for directions. I’ll keep you posted about the taste. Let me know how your cake turned out, and feel free to send me your pics! It will be interesting to know how yours turned out at home. Enjoy! Happy Sunday everyone!

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