Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

Closets are on my mind this week, with the focus being an “organizational” makeover. The reason why it is on my list of top priorities, is that the seasons are changing, and it’s time to rotate the wardrobe. Out with the sweaters, and in with the tank tops! But what a messy task it is, to do the seasonal exchange dance with our clothes, right?! Wouldn’t it be easier to simplify the way we store our items in order to make the transition smooth from season to season? I might have a few ideas to both organize and glam up your wardrobe’s home.

Let’s pretend this is your closet space. Pretty basic right? No problem. Are you sharing with a significant other? That’s where the problem might arise, but don’t worry, we can figure out a proper solution for a shared space too! We first want to decide who needs the length of the closet, rather than the width. It might be obvious, or a heads or tails situation. Either way, no one is judging the man/woman who will fill the space;)

The next step would be to organize the closet according to your greatest storage needs. For instance, if you own a few pairs of shoes, they could easily be stored in a hanging closet organizer or behind the door. If there is a serious collection to be tucked away, may I suggest the floor shoe racks, or cubbies, for ample space to house your footwear.

Organizing the clothes on hangers needs to be strategic because it will be the difference between hanging thirty sweaters, as opposed to fifteen. Using velvet hangers are a better option when choosing the right equipment for the job, as it is slip proof, and slim, which helps keep clothing on the hanger, and closer together on the rack. This will reduce the amount of space used, thus making it easier to store more clothing. A stacked hanger is another viable option, as it uses the vertical space on the rack, which allows you to fit more in a smaller section, but also makes your clothing more easily accessible.

Stacking shelves or storage bags might be the answer for keeping all seasonal clothing in one space, but sectioned on your shelves above your clothing rack. This space could be the transitional space that houses the off-season wardrobe, when the in-season wardrobe is in use below. Keeping them in order, and within eye’s view can help keep things light and easy when it comes to the big changeover every few months. It beats having to lug storage bins in and out of basements, doesn’t it?

There are a few upgrades we can make to the closet in order to glamify it, as well. The addition of a chest of drawers in between your clothing rack will add space for your personal items, and will keep clothing strictly in the closet. Women can always use their hanging closet organizers to house their purse collections instead of their shoes, and men can feast their eyes on a battery operated tie and belt organizer! A sophisticated way to keep the accessories in order for the men. If they end up getting the width of the closet instead of the length, they could always be rewarded by the fancy, electronic upgrade! The wall mounted iron and ironing board holder, is essential for anyone’s closet. You will thank me for the tip when you wake up late for work, and pick up out the wrinkly shirt after your shower. You won’t have to go further than your closet for that iron!

Pink & White SockDock® Laundry Tool – Set of Two

Lastly, I thought I’d attach a great idea for the socks in the laundry as a bonus. Check out the “Sock Dock” that keeps the pairs together while they wash! From washing to folding, socks will no longer lose their life partners, and we won’t have to settle for mismatched feet! I hope you find the courage to look at your closet today, and decide where you will begin. All the best, and happy Monday everyone!

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