Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

We are taking a closer look at front doors today, and the impact that it makes on your home. Doors make a statement, that makes an ordinary curbside appeal, extraordinary. The good news about this DIY challenge, is that it does not include purchasing a new door! The only thing you will need is paint and good quality brushes. Here is the hardest part: Choosing the right colour. You have to ask yourself what kind of look you are going for: Bold and sassy? Dark and traditional? Or maybe light and airy?

As you can see, all of these doors make each home gorgeous, but you have to decide what style best suits you. Once you figure out the colour, it’s onto prepping and cleaning. If your door is made of wood, you might have to do a light sanding to take off any shine in, and around the door, and its crevices. Use a damp cloth to wipe off dirt and dust. You are now ready to prime. Priming is always an important step as it helps to keep the paint from chipping and flaking.

Once priming has dried, you are ready for your colour. A high quality brush with a thin tip helps with precision, and keeping strokes in one direction (up and down) gives a cleaner finish. Be generous with the amount of paint on your brush to ensure that no “dried strokes” are visible on the door. It is better to use a brush rather than a roller because a brush is better with details, and the paint goes on without that “bubbling” look. You want at least two coats of paint to thoroughly coat the door with your new colour. A coat of laquer to help further prevent chips and scratches is always a good idea afterwards.

Lastly, hardware is your best friend for your new door! The more dramatic the pieces, the more elegant the door becomes. There are different types of elaborate, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to style. No one door colour has to be paired with a specific hardware look. You can do a bright door with traditional hardware, or a light colour with modern hardware. At the end of the day, it will be a true representation of the occupants of your beautiful house! An easy makeover with just a few coats of paint. What do you think? Are you up to the challenge in giving your front door that fabulous transformation? Well, pick up that paint and get to it! Lots of love from the queen of ideas! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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