Saturday: Reflections

Today is the day where we allow ourselves to be silent and contemplate the things we otherwise would not have time for, and dare to do nothing. The days are always so busy, and filled with to-do lists, that we tend to get lost in the shuffle of movement. I suggest that when you don’t have to speak, be silent, and when you don’t have to go, just stay. Saturday is a day to soak up the surroundings and enjoy life, moment by moment. I found a little poem that pairs nicely with my advice:

Take up an easy read today, or laze around with the kids. Write poetry from the heart, or sit outside and watch the rest of the world be busy. At some point, we have to slow down and appreciate creation all around us. What a blessing it is to have peace of mind in uncertain times, and to be taken care of in the midst of chaos. Never let it go unnoticed, the blessings from above, and remember to give thanks because He preserves you, renews your spirit, and gives you joy. I wanted to write this to make sure you know that your life is important too, and that someone like me is praying for you to see it. You don’t need to be anything more than you are now to be exceptional. Think on these things today, as you take in life in all of its beauty. Happy Saturday everyone!

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