Saturday: Reflections

The topic might be a little too sobering for some of you, but the idea has been on my mind to discuss for some time. No one ever wants to think about when loved ones pass on, but are people contemplating their inheritance before it’s all said and done? I know a friend who was anxiously waiting his grandmother’s passing, to receive the money she had saved for him. I was outraged at the idea, but he assured me that everyone considers what they will gain financially, when that loved one dies. But anxious? That can’t be right! Is the idea of wanting grandmother in her grave so I can cash out on her house, would lead me to believe that I never loved her.

I spoke to my sister on the topic yesterday, and I told her that it was more important to me that our mother enjoys what she has now, rather than what she is scrunting to save for us after she’s gone. The thought brought tears to my eyes to imagine her leaving us, and even more painful it would be to see her home without her in it. No amount of money could make me excited about losing her.

If you think that it’s a bit strange anticipating an inheritance, imagine fighting over it with your family! I’m talking in your face, thrashing it out, “I’ll take you to court!” kind of fighting. The kind that makes you wonder if you ever considered yourselves family in the first place. It is sad that that people lose their decency when a will is read. Could you really threaten your brother for the family jewellery? Or curse your aunt for her mother’s couch? No one ever agrees on the way the deceased split their assets, but the truth is that they were entitled to do what they wanted. Their money, their choice. The question is: What makes one entitled to more of the inheritance than everyone else? Would they have spent the most quality time? Or have taken the person to all of their doctor’s appointments? Do we equate good deeds to how much a person should receive? If you were to measure the payments, would each good deed be equal in value? Or would there be a hierarchy system?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But this happens everyday, and I bet you are not surprised by what you’ve read here so far. If you could make new rules as to how wills should be completed, and how assets should be divided, what would you suggest? It would be interesting to know how you feel about the concept of inheritance, and the troubles that surround it. I’ll leave my thoughts at that, even though I know I could write forever! I leave the rest for you to consider. Happy Saturday everyone!

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