Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

How many times has your kids lost their keys to the house? Or you forget that zoom chat with a teacher? Maybe you are on the phone, and need a pen to take down an important message, but can’t find a pen! Where is your last T4 for the bank appointment you have tomorrow? If any of these scenarios are you, this challenge might be of interest. Making an “Organization Station” in your home might be the best thing for your life right now.

Beginning with the wall you will choose to dedicate your organizational space, is the first step in bringing your chaos into a more systematic order. This wall can be wallpapered, or even painted for added flair. Choosing to keep the wall the same colour is not boring, but keeps the home looking uniform, which isn’t a bad idea either. You could include word art and small pictures or paintings that keep the space visually appealing.

Now the greater challenge: What types of organization does your home need?

1.Key Storage

BU Products - Honeycomb Magnetic Key Holder for Wall, A Unique ...

I assume most people deal with the issue of missing keys very often in their everyday lives, so key storage probably makes the list at number one. Having a hook for each member of your family might prove to be effective, so you can keep track of who has misplaced their keys, or who isn’t home. The challenge here is to make this system the only one you use to store keys. That way, you can be sure you will be able to find them everytime;)

2. Mail Storage

How To Organize Bills & Mail | The Container Store

I don’t know about you, but this number two storage solution is essential for my household! I find that keeping junk mail in the garbage, and opening older mail in a timely manner, seems to be a difficult task to stay on top of. A warning to those who decide to go this route: Be sure to stay on top of filing important letters, and discarding others to keep the system effective. Otherwise, the folder idea just turns into a space where anything is stored, and for years at a time! If you want folders to make a difference in the way you organize your mail, there definitely needs to be order.

3. Weekly/Monthly Calendar

DIY Chalkboard Calendar Decal Whiteboard Vinyl Wall Stickers ...

Keeping important dates and appointments are key to a household running effortlessly, and everyone being on the same page. Soccer tournaments, doctors appointments, and interviews can all be viewed easily on a simple calendar. Everyone’s life schedule written in one place so that each person plan around one another, or include themselves in plans. Most importantly, you would never forget important events because they stare at you before you leave the house (that’s if you sneak a peak before you go!)

4. Note Exchange

Binnenhuisinrichting Huis Huis Huge Daily Chalkboard Wood Wall ...

Having a blackboard/whiteboard as a center for note exchanges may prove useful for younger kids without cells, or a quick update before you become unavailable. It revives the traditional way we communicated in a home, and brings the personal charm back to the way we live.

Overall, the four items mentioned above are recommended in building your home’s Organization Station, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Buckets with pens and pencils for that quick note, or pin boards to hang recent artwork from the kids, could be a must for your home. Whatever helps to keep your home running like clockwork, you should always consider. At the end of the day, you will love how much better your family is able to stay connected, and how smoothly your home runs. Take it easy tonight, and enjoy the place you call home. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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