Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

I have to say that shopping for home goods has not been too exciting for me these days, due to the fact that everyone is stocking up on everything, making anything a challenge to purchase. Today, I went to Walmart in search of blinds, and to my dismay, there was not a single box left that would fit my windows. I walked into HomeSense a few days ago just to get inspired by bedding for my son’s bed, but when I got there, the store was empty like they were going out of business!

I understand that people have been home long enough to be all over their to-do lists at home, but when merchandise is sparse, I get snappy. So, what is the reason for the hold up? Could it be that cargo is awaiting border security clearance? Or are people going overboard with the purchasing? Not to mention, the online shopping that takes a year and a day to arrive at our doors! Will normal ever make its reappearance? Or is this predicament that we are in, one that will set the tone for the road ahead?

It is difficult to get passionate about shopping since we have been so far removed from malls, and masks that have become a “never leave home without it” item, whose importance ties neck and neck with mastercard. Am I ranting? Maybe. All I wanted was three identical blinds that are sold out everywhere, which would break the forbearance of even the meekest in character. I’m so dramatic, I know, but I had to get it out of my system.

I will pick myself up off the floor and find another fantastic deal on blinds elsewhere. There must be an upside to all of this, and it is my duty to find it, and relish. The decorating must go on, and I am determined to see my projects through to their glamorous ends. I know I definitely struck a chord that makes you sing too, so this is a declaration to good old-fashioned shopping making its comeback. Happy Monday everyone!

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