Sunday: At Home

Canada Day celebrations were a success! The kids had a great time and the bbq was delicious! Of course you know I had to do a Canada Day cake, which turned out fabulous, and we ended the night watching fireworks from our front steps. Neighbours were high spirited as they passed with well wishes, and feelings of patriotism flowed through me as a very proud Canadian. Presently in this world, this country is one of the safest in the face of COVID, and for this we are grateful.

Today, my kids had a banana bake off and it was exciting to see how much they have learned from me. I gave them a recipe and the ingredients, and they went to town! They added blueberries and chocolate chips, sparing no clean dishes;) Kids love to be in control of things adults usually do. This gave them an opportunity to let their baking talents shine, and it was a proud moment for me.

Scorching hot days have sent the grass in the neighbourhood into a dead, dry mess! I have been spending all my evenings watering it down, trying to keep the green alive! What a price to pay just to have healthy grass, but I have to say that my grass is the best on the block! Have people given up on lawn upkeep? It seems as though my poor neighbours have lost the battle, and have thrown in the towel. For those of you who have lawns to tend to, are you experiencing a similar fate? I am bracing myself for the water bill. Between my kids running through the sprinklers in the day, and me watering the lawn at night, I’ll definitely be in for a big surprise! I won’t even mention the weeds that have come to take what’s left of my patience for gardening!

If you are a fabulous gardener, and have a pristine lawn this summer, I’d love for you to send a pic and gloat. It’s all in good fun! A little competition never hurt anyone;) I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! Happy Sunday everyone!

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