Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

How To Make A Faux Flower Arrangement

Can anyone remember this beautiful floral arrangement I posted a few weeks ago? I was feeling really ambitious and thought I would give it a try. First of all, just finding the right flowers for the arrangement was quite a test! I walked around Michael’s with the picture on my phone, trying to match what I saw perfectly. That wasn’t easy. Michael’s is having a 60% off summer sale, which was a fantastic bonus! Overall, I could not find every flower in the picture, but I did manage to come close.

I sprayed my white vase a rose gold colour while in the garage. It was such a humid day, that the fumes sat in the air for hours! Even with the doors wide open! Am I complaining about the heat? I would never do such a thing! This is summer baby! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. No complaints here. I left the vase for a few hours to dry, and then sorted the flowers according to how the arrangement steps were ordered.

I started by stuffing the foam into the vase, and adding the greenery just as the picture displayed. Next, I took the middle-sized florals, and the large ones, following the same pattern. I bought roughly $80 worth of flowers, but it still seems as if something is missing in my arrangement. I will try shortening the whole thing, just to see if it helps to give it a fuller look. The process didn’t take that long at all, maybe an hour and a half in total. Not bad, eh? This is the finished product for test trial number one. I will attempt it once more in order to get it perfect.

Another DIY in the bag, and I am totally impressed with the outcome! If you manage to give it a try at home, we would love to see it! Stay cool, and enjoy your night. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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