Friday: The Socialite

A Recent History of Small and Mid-Size Galleries Closing [Updated ...

I took the car to the mechanic this week to get my AC fixed. This weather is no joke, and cool air has become a necessity for all who breathe! Taking a break from the mechanic’s waiting room, I finally decided to skip out for lunch. My visit to the Eglinton Square mall was brief and eerie. Food courts were uncomfortably quiet, and business owners drooped over their counters, seeming almost defeated. We are heading into a real economic crisis my friends, and it should be taken seriously.

I’m saying this with the idea of giving back to our local businesses within the community, and being intentional with support. This weekend, let us make a “day out”, where we purchase what we need while out on the town, being safe, but having fun. It’s been a long time since we have been able to “shop ’til we drop”, and the small businesses who struggle would be ever so grateful for your contribution. A smile lit up on the business owner’s face as I began to order my lunch. She thanked me sincerely three times for my purchase, and it almost brought me to tears.

These businesses are the bread and butter of some families amid this pandemic. Many people are relying solely on your continued support to stay afloat. At the end of the day, spending $5 in a mom and pops diner may be the difference between them being open, or having to permanently close. We are here for each other and believe it or not, if they fail, we all fail. The teeter totter becomes unbalanced, and eventually we all fall down. I thought I would write this piece as an invitation for us to take matters into our own hands in a joint effort to lift each other up. I hope you enjoy your night. Happy Friday everyone!

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