Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

Living the Cottage Life Mug – Seagull Classics

For those of you who are currently sunbathing on the deck of your cottage, don’t look for my excitement;) My location is nothing close to as luxurious as yours! I won’t take it personally though, if I had a cottage of my own, I would be doing the same. So, the cottage life, eh? It has to be a Canadian thing. Us Canadians start making our way up north every weekend, from the time the weather hits double digits, until the leaves turn autumn colours. We take cottage life very seriously around these parts, and hold true to the fact that we really savour the outdoors. It’s why I shop for groceries on Friday mornings in the summer, knowing that the cottage crowds are well on their way to their home away from home!

For this week’s challenge, I thought it might be interesting to make something that you can find at any lake. I think you will love this one! Check it out:

Pin on Diy
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Seashell Lights

This is a simple, yet unique way to spruce up your cabin for the beautiful nights under the stars. All you would need for this is hot glue, a string of christmas lights, and of course, some seashells. The shells will show a gorgeous glow, as they are opaque in colour. You could jazz up your deck with these, along with hurricane candle holders, half-filled with sand and a candle in the center. Make it a “lake” themed night, complete with a seafood platter, and biscuits to compliment.

I’m sure that sooner or later I’ll be living that life too! It’s in my blood. for those of you who are heading out early this weekend, remember to be safe, but have a fabulous time in the sun! Enjoy your night and Happy Wednesday everyone!

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