Saturday: Reflections

Optimism Bias” and its effects on social distancing – WXOW

Currently, most of Canada has headed into a Stage 3 in the global pandemic. That means restaurants and bars have finally received the green light to open doors, malls and gyms, salons and spas as well. Even the movie theaters have announced they are back and business, and ready for action. Hooray for Canada! We have beaten the numbers of infected down to non-threatening, but still take social distancing rules very seriously. We played our cards right, and can now reap the benefits of being on what we called a “total lockdown.”

This is great news, but I wanted to focus in on the future of the world in its various stages of emergency, and reflect on how we as people, will cope with the changes in the upcoming years. Is anyone wondering whether we will ever be back to our old routines? Or have we stumbled upon a new way of life? I was in the car with my daughter today, getting ready to go to the store, and I forgot to take my mask with me, and she reached out for my mask, reminding me not to forget it. I looked at her and wondered if this life of being “pandemic ready” will be her new reality as she grows up.

They are preparing kids to go back to school with face masks, and are suiting up the teachers in full PPE attire in September. Schools will begin to look like a laboratory rather than a place to learn, and I wonder what kind of effect it will have on these young minds over time? The truth is, there is no real end date for this pandemic, and we could just be getting started on a rollercoaster of repetition. There are nations being brutally hit by the virus, while others are well on their way to recovery. The problem is, we can’t stop the world from moving. Sooner or later, what is a problem in one country, will quickly spill into another, making it impossible to stop the spread. A vaccine is all we could hope for in this time, but how will we be ready for the next big virus? What can we learn from today that we can use tomorrow? With a better understanding of how viruses work now, this will largely impact our social practices in the future. Can you picture yourself two years after the pandemic? I’m curious to know what it looks like in your mind. Happy Saturday everyone!

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