Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

Vintage kitchens are a snapshot of life in more simpler times, with a lived-in feeling that adds warmth to any dish prepared. Storing utensils and spices on countertops made cooking a cinch, and also gave your guest a good sense of your culinary abilities. The sweet smell of pies in the oven, and worn recipe books on stands takes you back to a life we can all remember. The motto for kitchens today is, “the less the better,” with stainless steel appliances, and sleek cabinetry. They are fancy, but lack character, making them a dime a dozen.

I write all this to inspire those who are passionate about vintage character, to consider sprucing up their kitchen by customizing the pantry door. Repurposing an old screen door with some paint, and a creative idea, you can make an ordinary kitchen, the talk of the town.

Go wild with primary colours, or keep it conservative and elegant, but any way you slice it, it will be a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. The doors could roll with a built in track, or be hinged to the frame. I much prefer the doors you can see through, as it shows off the inside of the pantry, using the screen as a pretty frame. The measurements for hinged doors must be precise so that they fit seamlessly into the frame. That way, the screen looks as though it was meant for the opening. There could be a little more flexibility in a “barn door” style, as it only has to cover the pantry’s opening.

I found this idea on Pinterest, and I instantly fell in love! You could have fun with the hardware, or even stencil words or phrases on to the surface. Anything is possible when you use your imagination! I hope you will be inspired to take on the challenge to give your kitchen that unique appeal. Putting your special stamp on your home recreates the memories, and unveils the real you. Have a good one, and happy Wednesday everyone!

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