Friday: The Socialite

City of Guelph - City of Guelph

We are taking another night drive tonight, and the destination is Guelph. Guelph is a city in the province of Ontario, that was founded in 1879. The city is approximately one hour away from Toronto, and sits along the banks of the Speed River. Guelph is best known for its limestone architecture, cultural diversity, and high standard of living. Home of the University of Guelph, the school houses nearly 30,000 students every year, and the popular Veterinary Medicine program ranks fourth best in the world.

The city is vintage enough to take some really amazing photos! Taking in history through a lens can be quite the learning experience, and not to mention, an extraordinary story to tell.

U of G spent $600K to refresh school's branding, without taking ...

I’m ready to head out tonight, just to see the sights of what Guelph has to offer. We are piling the kids up in the car, doing a Tim Hortons run on the way to our big Friday night adventure! The children are pumped, and I am ready for the drive. I hope you all find a great place to discover tonight. Enjoy yourselves and be safe. Happy Friday everyone!

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