Friday: The Socialite

Paris - Brant County

We are getting ready for the Friday night drive. Destination: Paris, Ontario. The excitement is in full swing as we pack up the kids and head towards the County of Brant. The kids think that they are going to Paris, France, but I won’t burst their bubble! There is a lot of history that begins with the story of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the first telephone, who made the first call from Brantford to Paris on August 3, 1876. It is a charming community, as it was named “the prettiest little town in Canada” by Harrowsmith magazine. Historic churches stand tall from the late 1800’s, cobblestone structures add authenticity to the streets, and is also the meeting point of the Grand and Nith rivers.

It is a small, bustling town lined with open-air cafés, bakeries, candy and cheese shops. The neighbourhood definitely gives any visitor a welcome feeling, and encourages you to come again. I can’t wait to explore! It is my favourite part of any drive. I will post pics of our night drive to Paris, and I have also included picture of last Friday’s drive to Guelph. I hope you all enjoy your Friday, and hopefully it leads you to a night drive too! Happy Friday everyone!

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