Sunday: At Home

I spent the day helping out a friend who had just moved into a basement apartment, and let me say that it isn’t easy fitting everything you need into one open space. I managed to get her started, but I left her with much to be organized, which is her area of expertise. Basement apartments are tricky when it comes to layout, and your furniture is not always guaranteed to fit. If I were to give a bit of advice for those who are struggling to make their basement apartment work for them, it would be the following:

  1. Buy Modular Furniture
This modular furniture creatively reduces waste and assembles like a giant  LEGO project | Yanko Design

Investing in pieces that can be easily assembled and broken down, might be the answer to moving challenges, both in and out of your space. Apartment-sized furniture might also be a plus, but there is nothing better than “allen-keying” the whole ensemble! The best place to get that type of furniture? Simple. Ikea – it is both inexpensive and trendy, which covers your basic needs. It is also really easy to sell Ikea furniture second-hand because people are familiar with their products, and the products are also very popular. Basically, you can’t go wrong with the idea.

2. Be Sparing on Furniture Layout

12 Living Room Ideas for a Grey Sectional | HGTV's Decorating & Design Blog  | HGTV

Keeping it light on the amount of furniture you use in the basement, as space is the key to a functional space. The less you pack into the space, the more manageable it will be to do more that you love! For example, you should be able to roll a yoga mat out in front of the sofa for a little exercise, or set up an arts and crafts space on your table for a little crafting time. Whatever your lifestyle demands, there should always be room for it.

3. Multipurpose Spatial Planning

28 Multi-Purpose Furniture That Changes Function In No Time

Giving each area of your basement a multifunctional setup allows for you to use your space in various ways. This might even tie in with the concept of using less furniture for more living because you can use one piece for different purposes. For example, your side table could double as a small workspace at the couch, making the couch an office by day, and a home theater by night. Makes sense, right?

Living in a basement apartment can be really comfy if you put thought into how you want your space to flow. Less is more, and using less in more ways than one is the ultimate goal in space saving, and organization. Until next time, happy Sunday everyone!

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