Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

So, I’ve gone full throttle into the world of ensuites, on account of my little mishap with my shower tiles. For those of you who may not remember, it all started when one cracked tile turned into a spot of damp drywall. After some investigation, a spot of drywall turned into, “everything’s gotta go!” That was a terrible nightmare! For now, I have managed to fast-forward to the decision of revamping my ensuite partially, in hopes that I may renovate to the “nines” at a later date. A temporary fix will have to do.

Here is the style of tiles I chose to re-do the shower:

Spacious marble: an ensuite retreat - Completehome

A little fancy for a fraction of the price. The store is called, “Whitby Tile,” where I scored this beautiful design for a mere $3.99/sft! Steal of a deal! The floor tiles will be hexagon-shaped, with a little texture for slip resistance. This is to ensure that hubby doesn’t slip and fall in his old age;) I’ve also decided to tile the ceiling in marble as well. I figured it will protect the drywall from my super hot showers that I indulge in from time to time, and also to get the look of an expensive steam shower.

The vanity I chose to compliment the shower will look like this:

75 Beautiful Blue Tile Bathroom With Pink Walls Pictures & Ideas - August,  2020 | Houzz

Keeping in the theme of navy blue and gold at my house, the piece spoke to me, and now I’ve gotta have it! There are some good sales at Lowes right now, but I am still on the lookout for a fabulous deal. I love the idea of traditional blended with a modern touch. It makes me wanna do a happy dance! Living up the best of both worlds, indeed!

Here comes the part where you are much needed. I have three different styles of mirrors for you to choose from. If you had to help me put this look together, which mirror would you choose?

  1. Mirrored Frame
Large Beveled Beaded Mirror Over White Dual Bath Vanity - Transitional -  Bathroom

2.Circular Gold

How High To Place Your Bathroom Fixtures | Inspired To Style

3. LED Backlight Mirror

13 Beautiful Mirrored Bathrooms

Don’t be shy, I want to hear from you! Let me know which mirror you choose, and why, so we can get my bathroom up and going in no time! Have a wonderful evening, and happy Monday everyone!

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